PS4 – To buy or not to buy

This decision has been brought to my attention as of recently. College is starting back and my housemates are returning from their J1 at the beginning of September. I have been kept occupied over the summer with my job and buying a new PS4 never really crossed my mind. Getting to grips with working five days a week means not much time for gaming. But as I’ve been working more I have found myself coming home late to a half broken PS3, freezing mid game almost every hour. I haven’t done much about it because to be honest I don’t use the console enough anymore. But with both housemates moving back up the PS3 will more than likely be on constantly.

There are obvious advantages in purchasing the new console of course, from being able to buy newly released games, playing them in amazing high definition. Fifa 15 will also be released in the coming months, which will be a must buy. It would be nice to come home and play a full game of FIFA or Battlefield without any freezing or fucking up. The only thing I have to consider is the price. I know that there wont be another console released for at least another five to six years, but four hundred plus euro is a lot of money for someone working part time and paying rent and bills each month. Also, with a slight tattoo obsession I could see that money going to other longer lasting purchases.


I don’t know if the Playstation 4 is much better than the Playstation 3, but in the past there has always been a significant jump to the next new console. From Ps1 to Ps2 we saw graphics which were unbelievable at the time, also the possibility of playing online with friends was a huge step forward. Then to the PS3 where the new high definition console enabled you to use the device in many ways, it was the first multi-platform console, along with the Xbox 360, letting you search the web, listen to your favourite music and stream movies and TV series via Netflix. The online experience of the Ps3 was also much greater as broadband and internet connections improved. Now you could play on a worldwide stage, competing against people from all over the planet. And who can forget, the wireless controllers! Then we have the Playstation 4. It seems like their main goal was to tie it in with social media and having everything available online. This new feature enables you to record and share gameplay straight from your console. You can also watch live streams of people playing in real time from your console. Communicating with other users and friends was one of the key USP’s. This is a very good concept, but it just doesn’t seem as spectacular as some of their other advancements over the years.

Now , TV & Sharing

One of the most exciting reasons to buy Sonys new juggernaut console is it’s new Playstation Now. This service will allow its users to stream classic games to the PS4. There will be over one hundred games available on this service. When this news was released people commented on the price and speculated that it would be too expensive to use and buying the games would be easier and longer lasting but Sony have released rental prices ranging from €2.99 to €19.99. Even though these are just test pricing models it gives good guidelines of what the games will go for. Sony are also planning on releasing Playstation TV, a device which lets users stream PS4, Vita and legacy PlayStation titles to any TV.

One of the smaller announcements Sony made at E3 but very significant if your a gamer who loves to share your clips, killstreaks, lap records, great goals, and more. Playstation are introducing one touch Youtube sharing before the end of 2014 so all clips can be uploaded to your channel. 


 After researching all possible articles and videos and talking to many of my friends who already own the new next gen console I am slighly swaying towards buying one. It seems like the Playstation 4 has everything going for it, from its exclusive games, new sharing and streaming services and its jump into original programming, controlling the distribution mechanism of television series and games which has become a key factor. 

Overall the Playstation 4 is a well rounded console. Netflix will come in handy for those hungover days in the house that you just mark off your calendar. Fifa 15 will also be a good addition when all the guys come back from their summer away in the US, Watchdogs and a few other exclusive releases are also on the list of purchases. It will defiantly be the cure for a lot of boring nights sitting in if there is nothing on the TV and if the new game streaming service is up and running soon even my girlfriend will be able to find games she likes to play. Looks like I’ll be forking out €500 in the next couple of weeks so. 

Some of the sites I used to research the console and some of its new features are listed here if you want to find out more: